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Friday, April 13, 2012

Two Eggs and a Baby!

 Finally.  Momma owl had two cached rodents and papa brought in several grubs and moths over night.  I could tell that she was feeding something under her body but she kept it well hidden until she took this short break at 4:30.  Enjoy.


Grey said...

Oh yippeee!!! Thank you for the video! Baby looks beautiful-

Michael P said...

Welcome back Grey. I haven't had the time to chat lately but may as it owlet gets bigger. Hope you are doing well.

Grey said...

Thank you! It is nice to see them again. I know you are busy! Your information has been wonderful as usual. That is part of the "charm" of this site. I had some computer problems, which are finally fixed. I am fine and hope you are also. I look forward to watching and reading the blog!