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Friday, April 6, 2012

Is today the day?

Based on information in the literature and last year's experience, the eggs could start to hatch today!  Interestingly, one of my friends pointed out that they hatched on Easter weekend last year (April 23 & 24) and this weekend is also Easter (although it is much earlier).  Let's see what happens.

Momma has been brooding very intently the past week.  Two breaks each night (8-12 minutes each) has been the only time she has spent off the eggs.  Although I log most activities (fly outs, returns, feedings), unfortunately, I was not diligent in tracking how many times she rolled the eggs each night.  My impression is that she is rolling them much less often this week (maybe once per hour or less) while she used to roll them every 10-15 minutes.  Papa has been feeding her diligently, both small meals of moths and unidentifiable morsels, and usually one whole mouse per night.  That should start to change dramatically when she/they are feeding young.  Start checking the live feed each night around 8:00 E.D.T. and for about an hour following for the best chance of viewing activity.

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Anonymous said...

Hi very much interested to see some video even befor they htch. Any reason why you don't post more. We are on our 4th set of doves hatching today and we are excited can't imagine how you feel with the owl. I stumbled upon your site because we have a scretch owl that comes out at night which is new for us. I followed her one night and put the flashlight on her....very cute. Anyway keep us posted