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Thursday, February 19, 2015

2015--A New Year for Owls

First, I want to apologize to my past viewers for dropping posts last year but after the squirrel moved in things changed rapidly. As soon as the squirrel was out of the box (a couple of days after the last post), I cleaned the box but never saw the owls again.  Now it is a new year and new owls.  Much to learn and share again.

There as been at least one owl in the box every day since February 7.  On February 12, one owl was in the box after the sun rose but sometime during the day, it was joined by a second.  A Cooper's Hawk flew through the yard scattering the birds from the feeder about the same time, however it would be conjecture at best to say that was the reason.  In any case, here is the video of the two together with the first owl near the top, the second owl at the bottom.  I would be guessing to apply a sex to either owl.   (NOTE:  I will have to add video later)

In any case, I have the camera mounted and the recorder working.  Still not able to broadcast live but hope to have that together by the time any eggs are laid (mid-March is typical in Central NJ).  In the mean time, I will try to post images and videos of what ever happens and share my thoughts and what I have learned on this blog.  Thanks for joining me (and the owls) for a new year.


Monday, March 10, 2014

2014 New Year, New Female

Just an announcement that will be followed but updates (hopefully) on a regular basis:

There is a new female in the nest.  She is a beautiful red-phase Eastern Screech Owl--very different from the female of past years.  There is also a male that is a gray-phase that could be the male from last year but I have no way to know for sure.  Here is a photo from today of the female looking out of the nest.  No eggs yet and she has not been in the nest box on a regular basis.  She has been here alone and with the male on several occasions but we will have to wait to see if this will actually be a nesting year.

If all goes as planned, I will have two cameras this year.  One in the box, the second is the one in this photo that should allow us to see the interactions from outside.  I do not have all of the computers/connections available to broadcast at this point but am working on identifying what is needed.  If anyone would like to help out financially, I may have to ask for help with that down the road.  More in the next couple of days.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Squirrel has moved in

On Tuesday night (3/26) both owls were around much of the night and even were both in the box together.  I will try to sort out the video from that night when I have a chance.  Then on Wednesday, only Gray was around.  No owls came by during the night since early Thursday morning.  Today, I was away most of the day and when I got home there were many new leaves (and a squirrel) in the box.  Trying to evict the squirrel, I tapped on the box, it left, and I opened it to clear some leaves.  Unfortunately, I discovered that the mother squirrel had brought her young into the box also.  They are not new born but appear to be several days or more old.  I couldn't see how many there were (at least 2, maybe 3 or 4).  Not wanting to hurt them, I closed the box for the night.  The mother squirrel has returned to nursing and sheltering her brood.  I don't know what will happen if the owls return tonight.  I guess we will find out together.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Long Courtship

It is a new year and I, as well as the pair of owls have a lot to learn.  At least this time around, it will be very easy to tell the owls apart.  I have only had one brief view of the new red-phase owl--it is a truly beautiful, full rufous red, not at all a "brown phase" individual.

For anyone reading this who is not familiar with Screech Owls, they mate for life.  If one passes, the other will adopt a new mate.  Once the eggs are laid, the female will depend almost exclusively on the male to bring food for her and the owlets.  What is apparently occurring now is the test phase.  Is the box suitable?  Will the male be able to supply the needed food?  Do they trust each other?

I record video every night from dusk to dawn, log every arrival/departure to the box, and make notes on any behaviors that I observe.  I don't know why, I guess it has become an obsession.  On a typical night lately, 12 hours of video have produced 5-30 minutes of owls doing something, anything--the rest nothing (which you probably already know if you have checked out the live feed).  Although I delete much of it, I save many hours more than I share with you here--you get the cream.  Maybe someday, I will figure out what to do with the rest of it.

In the mean time, here is a video from March 23 of Gray feeding Red.  This was the first (maybe second but it was not conclusive) of a feeding taking place.  Check back to last year and you will see videos of Papa bringing Momma whole voles to prove his worthiness!  Stay with us to see what happens this year:


I apologize for keeping my 9 followers in suspense.  This year is a new experience for me with my owls.  As I have mentioned, the pair includes a red-phase owl, easily distinguished on the videos because it is much lighter in color than the other.  The pair (one gray, one red) have been scarce at the nest box but I still think we are going to have a successful year.  I have been trying to upload a video made last night of Gray feeding Red!  That will be the first time I have seen them on camera!  More when I can do that.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


There have not been any visits to the nest box (day or night) by either owl since 3/14.  That doesn't necessarily mean that they are gone or that they won't nest, just that this is a new year and I have lots to learn.  The squirrels (up to 4 at a time) have been visiting the box so it will be a challenge.  I have been gently discouraging the squirrels and removing any plastic bags and other unnatural trash that they bring.  So far none have tried to spend the night.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Squirrel but no Owl today--Don't Worry

Neither owl is spending today in the next box.  The squirrel looked in early this morning, as it has every morning.  Since the owl wasn't there, it has started bringing in materials to rebuild its nest.  Based on previous years this is perfectly normal.  Check out two previous blog entries:  Nest Prep and Courtship (posted 4/11/11) and Three Eggs and a Squirrel (3/19/12).  At least with the experienced female of past years, the owl will always win the battle.  As much as I try not to influence nature though, I am going to give the new owl(s) a break and help out.  I can see the squirrel is filling the box with plastic bags (wish I could find out where it is getting them) and I am concerned that an owl, especially a young one, may have difficultly negotiating such a mine field.  Leaves I am not worried about.  I will remove the bags just before dark tonight and let the owls take it from there.