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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Female takes over box

So in the case of my nesting owls, here is the best I can put together after watching them both on the camera and directly over the past two months.

1)  The owl that was roosting prior to the failure of my camera on 3/26 was the male!  He is a "redder" red-phase than the owl that is in the box now, although she is also more red than gray.  The male was there until at least the afternoon of March 28 when I had good looks at him from the house during the afternoon each day.
2)  From March 29 to April 2 (5 day period), there were no daytime sightings of either owl.
3)  On April 3, I viewed an owl from the yard just before total darkness but no sightings earlier in the day despite keeping a really close look.  This behavior is consistent with the (obviously) female owl that has been there recently.
4)  When I opened the box to look after observing her fly on April 7, there were two eggs in the box.  When the camera was repaired on April 9, there were 3 eggs in the box.  Therefore, I would put egg laying (unfortunately not recorded with the camera) on about 4/4, 4/6, and 4/8.
5)  Since 4/9, the female has been "close sitting" every night with breaking of only a few minutes following each sunset and just before dawn.  The male has been bringing her food each night.

So here is a new video recorded on April 13 for your viewing pleasure:

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