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Friday, April 10, 2015

Camera fixed; 3 eggs in nest box

Maintaining a blog consisting of live, wild animals (and complex electronics and computer connections) is really a challenge and I apologize that I seem to disappear at times.

With advice from Richard ( my Hawkeye Nature Camera is functional again.  With owls in the box day and night, and not wanting to do anything to affect their natural behavior, I was left with working "outside the box".  The initial technical difficulty was obvious--a broken cable.  After 4 attempts to repair it (it consists of a bundle of three very fine telephone wires) I finally searched the entire length of the cable and located a second very subtle break only a few feet from the initial break--affecting only one of the small wires inside the sheath and  not at all obvious from the surface.  He suggested several causes--only one of which makes any sense--Squirrels!  It was up in the oak tree where the next box is located.

With the technical problem solved, I was able to record the video recorded last night, April 9, and contained in a separate post.  Enjoy as the female owl prepares for her evening break and flies to reveal 3 eggs (NOTE:  I had opened the box after she flew on April 7 and there were only 2 eggs).

Tomorrow I will address questions raised by several viewers who also have nest boxes but no camera inside.  What do you see and what does it mean?

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