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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Papa's Role is Changing

The baby owlet is growing up:

Up until now, all of the food has been prepared and fed to the owlet by Momma.  Papa has been a great provider delivering up to 4 rodents (mice and larger voles) to the box, but it has been Momma who has prepared the small pieces that the baby has needed.  Early in the morning of April 26 (about 2 weeks old), Momma let Papa enter the box with a rodent and they "talked".  Later that morning and the next evening, food was delivered (I believe by both Momma and Papa, although I still have a hard time telling them apart) in pieces and fed from the entry--not with the owlet hidden under Momma's belly or wing.  From now on, either parent can feed.  It will also provide much more interesting viewing as the young owlet will be looking up for his next meal.  Check around 8-9:00 E.D.T and then throughout the night to watch feeding live.

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