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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Squirrel has moved in

On Tuesday night (3/26) both owls were around much of the night and even were both in the box together.  I will try to sort out the video from that night when I have a chance.  Then on Wednesday, only Gray was around.  No owls came by during the night since early Thursday morning.  Today, I was away most of the day and when I got home there were many new leaves (and a squirrel) in the box.  Trying to evict the squirrel, I tapped on the box, it left, and I opened it to clear some leaves.  Unfortunately, I discovered that the mother squirrel had brought her young into the box also.  They are not new born but appear to be several days or more old.  I couldn't see how many there were (at least 2, maybe 3 or 4).  Not wanting to hurt them, I closed the box for the night.  The mother squirrel has returned to nursing and sheltering her brood.  I don't know what will happen if the owls return tonight.  I guess we will find out together.


Grey said...

Oh my on the squirrel with babies! I had seen the plastic bag and squirrels during the day. Tonight is the first I have seen a squirrel inside at night. I did see the owls briefly one night too. Thank you for the update, some of my questions have been answered. Now, to see how it unfolds..

Scott said...

I have had this happen as well, a roosting owl was evicted by a mom and she brought in her pups with in minutes of the owl eviction. squirrels will commonly relocate 'nests'

most likely the owls will try somewhere else to nest.

let me know if you want help to build a squirrel resistant owl box.

(please feel free to post or not any part ie the last part, or all of the comment.)

Owlman said...

Any updates? My box is still empty...