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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Owl(s)!

Sorry about the delay in postings but things have changed.  After the last post questioning which owl was which, everything went silent around the nest box.  From 2/7 until 3/9 only a squirrel was there.  After spending a wonderful week in Puerto Rico learning about its varied habitats (especially the rain forest), I returned on 2/27 to a nest box crammed full of leaves and junk.  In the past, Momma had quickly cleared the squirrel nest and taken over--not this year.  On 2/29, I cleared the box (no there weren't any baby squirrels) and reset the camera.

March 9, activity began again.  I will be posting videos later today or tomorrow (just been too busy and they are a lot of work) to help everyone understand the interactions of the two owls that have been visiting.  The bottom line is that the owl that is now roosting in the box is a really beautiful full red-phase bird.  All evidence points to this bird as the female.

I will try to keep the live feed on, adding sound at night, for you to watch with me as the spring progresses.

I will certainly miss Momma (and will have to rename the new female) after spending 8 years with her.  But that is nature and we will establish a new relationship.  Stay tuned.

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