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Friday, May 11, 2012

Baby Resists Leaving

It is 29 days since hatching and baby is still clinging to his nest box.  Momma is seldom leaving him(or is it her?) any food when she leaves.  She often feeds from a mouse until the owlet doesn't seem to want any more, then takes the rest out of the box presumably to eat herself.

Early in the evenings, most of the food brought in by both Momma and Papa are small moths, grubs, worms, and other, often unidentifiable insect.  One night Papa brought something that looked like a Dobsonfly.  Here is an early evening video from May 7 and some larger insects from a couple of nights earlier.

Later in the evening, the fare changes to rodents with Momma still preparing most of them for the owlet.  He is swallowing larger and larger pieces though so a whole mouse, which is typical adult food, should be soon either in or out of the nest box.  This morning was the first time this year that I have seen the food include a bird.  Identity of the bird is pending but it obviously did not have the best morning.

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