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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Still Waiting for Eggs

Patience is the game in an owl's life.  Although she had not laid any eggs as of this morning, she spent most of last night (except for about 2 hours early and an hour just before sunrise) in the box, most of it in "brooding" position.  In this position, she is generally facing the front, her body enlarged over much of the floor and she appears to be resting/sleeping.  She "woke up" occasionally to nibble on the mouse that she cached last night.  Papa checked in at least 3 times and they spoke to each other briefly each time.  Today is the seventh consecutive day spent in the box.

I will have the live feed on as much as possible.  At present there is usually no sound.  I may add sound at night if you want to check; there is much high frequency camera noise but if you turn your volume down to 50% or a little lower, you will be able to hear any calling that she does.  Calling should drop off considerably when she is sitting on eggs.


Bruce Edward Litton said...

Spot on! And you put up the nest box, either then equipped it with video or drew the attention of screech owls,and produced the blog to globalize the process. Most poignant to me is that a nesting pair of screech owls selected the box. I don't know the statistics, but even if they are high, the birds contact us in such an event, they select an artifact of our world.

Michael P said...

The box is a replacement for dead tree cavities. In residential areas they will have high probability of use because the number of dead trees with cavities of the right size is very small. I put the box up first, the owls found it the second year, I put the camera in it the 5th year--this is the sixth. I assume it is the same female but couldn't prove that.