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Friday, March 9, 2012

Egg Laying imminent?

Changes in behavior over the last two days have been profound.  The female has roosted in the box during the day every day.  She has spent a lot more time in and near the box at night.  The male delivered food to her at least 4 times last night--2 rodents (9:49 p.m. and 4:19 a.m.), a grub at midnight, and something unidentifiable about 11:00.  At daybreak, Momma entered the box shortly before 6:00 as she has the past few mornings but this time she was silent with the male staying on the roof calling until after 6:30.  She has been restless during the day today and many other birds are looking into the box as she moves about.  In recognition of the impending event, my friend Calum prepared a card that I will share with you.  Lots of rainbows for good luck!

I will have the live feed on at sundown (about 6:00 eastern standard time) when she should fly out and reveal any egg(s) that may have been laid during the day.

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