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Friday, May 13, 2011

What are they eating??

For my friend Lisa (and others), unlike young eagles, the owlets are little pigs who eat very quickly. I have a tremendous benefit in figuring out what is going on when I review the recordings and can look at it frame by frame. Every time the owlets make a fuss and move up (toward the food and the camers) they are receiving some kind of treat from the adults. Over 100 last night!! Here is a still (frame grab from the video) of a moth brought in by the adults as food for the owlets last night. Note the large "eyes" of the Polyphemus moth on the wing:

Here is another image of a centipede about to be swallowed (it lasted about 3/100 of a second):

Only when the food is large and takes a while to swallow, is it easy to identify as is this mouse:

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