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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The owl box has been down for about 4 months.  I finally decided how I wanted to mount the camera.  The new mount is in a 4" PVC tube attached to the top of the box.  That puts it  farther away from the action and allows the entire box, including the opening to be within the field of view.  I re-installed the box on the oak tree on Sunday, connected the camera, and started recording at night.  About 1:30 this morning, less than 48 hours after returning the box, one of the owls visited for about 2 minutes, checked out the new "digs", seemed to be comfortable and left.  Remember that last year, January was as early as any nesting behavior began.  I will post shorts between now and then.  If you "subscribe" you will automatically receive a notice when the live feed returns--otherwise, check back here regularly for updates.

Here is this mornings visit (watch for the talons to appear in the opening--not sure if this is Momma or dad):

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